Newsletter - July 2017

National Championships - July 2017 Thank you and well-done to Team Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre (STCC) for their hard work and effort for preparation and participation on the British National Championships organised by British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). Welldone Harry for once again being short listed to be considered for possible team selection to represent GB and the BCCMA at EWuF and IWuF SanDa and QingDa events. School Holidays During school holidays training will be as normal. China Trip: As usual of every year the trip to China will be on September - there will be no training from September 4th to 19th - Normal training will resume on Wednesday 20th - up on our return

National Championships

Well-done and thank you for all the hard work and effort of our competition team on the British National Championships, Organised by British Council for Chinese Martial Arts. You too could be a members of our competition team, From October 2017 - to be considered to participate at the competitions you need to attend at least 3 hours a week to the relevant classes for your competition category, i.e. Sanda, Traditional Forms or Taichi.

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