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With years of experience in Traditional Shaolin Kungfu, Taichi and Sanda, Myrsini is currently Instructor of female-only classes and teaching junior classes. She is 1st Duan in Traditional Shaolin Kungfu and is also trained as actress with BA hons in Acting who was selected to train with the National Youth Theatre in 2017 and loves to combine martial arts and acting for action films.

Myrsini has represented Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre on numerous occasions in national and international events and is currently a member of Team GB Traditional Wushu Squad. Myrsini Is our National Champion of 2022 in traditional WuShu organised by British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA)

In October 2022 BCCMA National Championships Myrsini won 3 Gold medals on traditional empty hand, long and short weapon.

May 2022 - Open Flemish Championships - Brussels -

Belgium 3 Gold medals on traditional empty hand and short and long weapon.

September 2022, Berlin 10th European Shaolin tournament 3 Gold medals in traditional empty hand short and long weapon.

4th International Chinese Martial Arts World Tournament [Madrid – Spain November 2018]

Taiji - 1st Place - Gold medal

Shaolin Long Weapon 1st Place Gold Medal

Shaolin Empty Hand 2nd Place - Silver medal.

6th International Shaolin Culture Competition [Berlin – Germany December 2018]

Shaolin Long Weapon 1st Place Gold Medal

Shaolin Empty Hand 1st Place Gold Medal


Myrsini is qualified to coach by the standards of British Council of Chinese Martial Arts .

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Hozir Sahdat

Hozir has been training traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu since 2011, during this time he travelled to China Shaolin Temple to expand his knowledge of the art of Shaolin and Chan culture, Hozair has attended international events and also has been National Champion in Traditional routines.

Hozir is qualified coach by standards of British Council of Chinese Martial Arts 

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