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About us

Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre (STCC) is a  Traditional Chinese Martial Arts school teaching Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin and Chen Style Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) in the Enfield area. We teach Martial Arts to all ages ranging from 4 years old to 60+ years.

Classes are of mixed ages and mixed skill levels, all students training at STCC work to achieve a high level of skill, with correct guidance bringing together a better sense of self, a healthy body and healthy state of mind.

All of our students are, kind-hearted and ego-free, welcoming new faces from all walks of life to each and every class.

The Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre aims to meet the needs of people of all ages and backgrounds, who are interested in Chinese Shaolin Culture, Including Chinese martial arts, Qigong, Chan, Taichi, Ect.

Shifu Yan Gui (headmaster) is easily approachable and willing to answer all questions asked, and has over 25 years of Martial Arts experience.


Shifu Yan Gui has sought direct discipleship from His Holiness Shaolin Temple Abbott Shi Yong Xin. Successfully being given the Dharma name Shi Yan Gui, this great honour affiliates Shifu Yan Gui and Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre directly with the Shaolin Temple and the mission of spreading the Shaolin culture to the west, in the forms of Martial Arts and Buddhism.


Our center not only teaches the Shaolin “Three-Treasures”---- Chan(Zen) Philosophy, Wu(Kungfu/Wushu), Yi(Medicine), but also other disciplines, including Tai Chi, Qigong, Sanda, Chinese language, Calligraphy and others.   The center has  two training places, the London training centre and the Songshan Mountain branch at Shaolin (China), on the banks of the Shaolin Lake, is around twenty minutes' walk to the Shaolin temple.        

Students of all backgrounds, religions, ages, and athletic ability can train at the center.

Please do not hesitate anymore, just come experience “Heart to Heart” and “Mind to Mind” training with authentic Shaolin masters at Shaolin Temple Culture Centre and find the way to touch your spirit!




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