14 Nov 2019

Very welldone to team STCC Myrsini and Yavor for partaking in the European Shaolin Competition in Venice-Italy and making the whole country proud with their performance and achievement of 4 Gold medals and 3 Silvers.
Myrsini - 1 Gold, 3 Silver medals
Yavor - 3 Gold med...

20 May 2019

If you are a lady and wish to get fit while learning self-defence and improving your health, confidence, self-esteem and flexibility, call us today to join our new ladies only classes! suitable for all ages and levels of fitness! 

Limited places available, contact us to...

28 Jan 2019

Well done, to all those took part on the grading exam on 27th January and thank you fro all your hard-work and effort. 

Congratulations on your achievements and keep up the good work!

11 Dec 2018

Well done, team Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre for their outstanding performances and participation in the 6th Shaolin Culture Meeting and competition in Berlin over the last weekend.
Special thanks to Shifu Shi Yan De for organising this amazing event for the sixth ti...