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Young Warriors Club, More details and registration forms will be available shortly!  (Awaiting approval and confirmation)

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Free Kickboxing classes!
If you live in Enfield and are aged 14-24 you might be eligible for free Kickboxing classes!
All classes are taught by Master Shi Yan Gui, 34th Generation disciple of Shaolin Temple China!
The 3 months project begins on 4th January 2022!
This is your New Year's resolution!

Click on the link below and complete the registration form and we will get back to you within 3 working days.


Click on the link below to signup for the course!

Upcoming cohorts: 2021-22

3rd July - 31st August - 

September - October - Currently Full

November - December - Currently Full

January - February - March 2022 - Online Weekley booking available after you have submitted your registration form

Past Projects: This project has ended

Martial Arts & Zen (Self-defence - Self-respect)

Generously sponsored by Sport England and a great opportunity for the borough of Enfield!

FREE Shaolin Kungfu and Self-defence classes!

If you are resident of Enfield and are age 14 to 25 you might be eligible for fully funded Shaolin Kungfu and Self Defence training at Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre Enfield!

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