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Newsletter - July 2017

National Championships - July 2017

Thank you and well-done to Team Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre (STCC) for their hard work and effort for preparation and participation on the British National Championships organised by British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA).

Welldone Harry for once again being short listed to be considered for possible team selection to represent GB and the BCCMA at EWuF and IWuF SanDa and QingDa events.

School Holidays

During school holidays training will be as normal.

China Trip:

As usual of every year the trip to China will be on September - there will be no training from September 4th to 19th - Normal training will resume on Wednesday 20th - up on our return we will be running more classes during the week for a month so you can all catch up with the sessions that you will miss.


If you dont have the uniform please place your orders by August 31st for full Shaolin gray uniforms so I will buy them for you while I am in China, remember all members need to have uniform in order to participate in any event organised by the club and I can only buy them while I am at China to make sure its of good quality. Uniforms are £40.00 each also includes sash and Shaolin socks.

Competition team selection:

From September 2017 - in order to be considered for STCC competition team you must attend at least 3 hours a week to the relevant classes i.e Taichi, Traditional Forms or Kickboxing, bear in mind there is an international competition on October 2018 at China Shaolin, where team selection will be based on: Age, Competition performance, attendance, training ability, talent, technical ability and attitude.

Classes: and New members

We have very limited places available and once we have reached our target we wont be taking any more new members, instead you will be added to our existing waiting list, We currently have classes for Shaolin Kung-Fu, Sanda (Kickboxing) and Taiji, contact us today to book your first FREE trial session.


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