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February 2018


Martial Arts All Styles International Federation (MAASIF) Our first event of 2018 is MAASIF Open Competition on 25th February in Kent, Wishing the team all the best of luck in this event.

Grading Exam 8th April 2018 - Open to all members of STCC, Full uniform must be worn for this event, if you don't have the uniform you must place your order by 1st March 2018. Orders made after this date are not guaranteed on time delivery of uniform and No uniform / No grading.

China Our next trip to China in planned for September 2018, 2 weeks including visiting Beijing and training and visiting Shaolin Temple. If you are interested in joining us, you must inform us by Friday 30th March 2018 and submit a nonrefundable deposit of £200.00


More events will be added to our 2018 calendar, as soon as governing bodies inform us of their events.


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