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European Shaolin Meeting - Berlin 2017

European Shaolin Meeting – Competition December 2017

Event organised by Master Shi Yan De 释延德of Germany and attended by Master Shi Yan Dong 释延东of Shaolin temple to lead the event.

An unforgettable weekend that started by prayers, Demonstrations of Kungfu students and masters, group Qigong training of selected moves for people with disability followed by competition on traditional Shaolin forms including empty hand, Short and long weapons.

Day 2 a seminar was delivered by Shifu Shi Yan Dong 释延东 of Shaolin Temple on Shaolin Xiao Luohan Quan ( 少林小罗汉拳 ) , Shaolin Qinna (擒拿) and Qigong.

Thank you Master Shi Yan De 释延德De for another amazing and well organised event and so looking forward to meeting you in the near future.


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