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October 31st 2018

Well-done to team STCC for participating and representing STCC in Liverpool at 9th International Team Shaolin Wushu Open on 28th October. In this even athletes of STCC have won a total of 4 medals including 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze: Myrsini: Empty Hand - First Place Gold Medal ---- Long Weapon - 2nd Place Silver Medal Tara: Empty Hand - First Place Gold Medal ---- Long Weapon - 3rd Place Bronze Medal

Praying Mantis Seminar 11th November 2018 Open to all members and non-members of STCC - limited to 10 attendees on the first come first served bases. £35.00 per person. Please speak to Myrsini or Fiora during the session for more details

International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament Spain - November 2018 Deadline for this event was on Friday 21st September - In this event we have 3 competitors

representing STCC, Wishing them all the best of luck in this event.

Berlin - 6th international Shaolin meeting, competition, and seminars. Open to all members of STCC, please do let us know by 15th October if you are interested to participate in this event. Deadline for all applications 15th October, for more details please speak to us during the session.


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