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Medicine (Yi)

In last 1500 years history of Shaolin temple, Shaolin masters are easy to hurt somewhere or pain or sick for daily Kung-Fu training,so they need some medicine or treatments ways to keep healthy.But it is around 20km far to the Dengfeng city,also at that time, no high way,need couple days went to city hospital and some masters start to take some herbal medicine from the Songshan mountains, and made the medicine for themselves, also some extra will be given to the villages farmers surrounding for little by little, many masters are researching on it and combination with traditional Chinese medicine,created a grand Shaolin medicine system.


  To meet the needs of the more people coming for the special herbal medicine, the Shaolin Pharmacy Bureau opened during Master Zhi Long, who was charging the Shaolin temple from 1217 to 1223, until now have around 800 years history. Recently famous medicine master named Shi De Chan,who died in 1995, and buried in the Pagoda Forest.

  Now, there are around 4 million people per year will visit and study in Shaolin temple from all of the world.and Shaolin herbal medicines take off her mysterious covers little by little, to benefit all people.

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