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Saturday 29th April

Congratulations to Myrsini for her outstanding performances and demonstrating amazing skills at the Open Dutch Wushu Championships - Netherlands and winning 3 medals including 2 golds and a silver!

Shaolin Short Weapon - GOLD MEDAL 🥇

Shaolin Long Weapon - GOLD MEDAL 🥇

Shaolin Empty Fist - SILVER MEDAL  🥈


Myrsini has been selected to represent Team GB in the forthcoming official 6th European Kungfu championships in Greece organised by European Wushu Federation (EWUF) and has been training every day for 6 hours under the instruction of Master Shi Yan GUI. There will be no classes on the following days:

Friday 11th

Saturday 12th

Monday 14th

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British National Championships!


Well done and thank you to all the participants of Shaolin Temple Martial arts and Cultural Centre, for taking part and competing in the biggest national championships of the year organised by the British Council for Chinese Martial arts (BCCMA) and for their outstanding achievements!

4 Gold medals and a bronze!

Our club coach Myrsini Christodoulelli has successfully competed and won 3 GOLD medals in the official British National Championships (BCCMA) winning the title of national champion in Shaolin empty hand, long weapon and short weapon.

We are so proud to have a hard working role model in our club and so many of our kids look up to her. 

Well done to elite team member Ethan for winning the title with a GOLD medal in his first big competition and well done to elite team member Alexander for winning the Bronze medal in a very tough competition, our elite team of kids train very hard to participate in these events and both our coaches Myrsini and Master Shi Yan Gui have expertise that can help all levels turn into champions.

BCCMA Nationals 2
BCCMA Nationals 4
BCCMA Nationals 3
BCCMA Nationals 1
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