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Shaolin Temple Martial Arts and Cultural Centre (STCC) AKA Shaolin KungFu GB is a  Traditional Chinese Martial Arts school teaching Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda (KickBoxing)  and Chen Style Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan) in London and Essex area. We teach Martial Arts to all ages ranging from 4 years old to 60+ years.

Classes are of mixed ages and mixed skill levels, all students training at STCC work to achieve a high level of skill, with correct guidance bringing together a better sense of self, a healthy body and healthy state of mind.

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Community Projects

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Our Activities

At Shaolin Kungfu Great Britain our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself through authentic Martial Arts. Train with us and learn all the marvelous moves from Shaolin Kungfu-wushu and Sanshou. 
Are you over 65 years of age? Join our fully funded Taichi & Qigong classes for health and experience the medicinal benefits of authentic Taijiquan - Head over to our Projects Page and use the link to sign up. Classes are available in London and Essex.

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