Online Martial Arts Classes

It is with great pleasure to announce that Shaolin Temple Martial Arts and Cultural Centre is now running online classes in KungFu, Taichi & Qigong and Sanda (Kickboxing)

Shaolin KungFu, Taichi & Qigong and Sanda (Kickboxing)

Learn KungFu in Live stream classes from Master Shi Yan Gui 释延归 34th Generation disciple of Shaolin Temple China and Laoshi Myrsini.

Personalized Feedback and encouragement

Beginner Friendly classes, all ages and levels of fitness are welcome!

Train in a safe online community that helps you grow and achieve your goals.

• Decrease stress and anxiety

• Increase energy and stamina

• Improve mood, balance, and memory

• Improve Strength, flexibility, fitness, and learn effective self-defence techniques and fighting choreography.

Full support and guidance from the teachers and opportunity to Grade and take part in Competitions.

More information:

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