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Shaolin Stretching and Flexibility

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**6 Places left!**

Shaolin Stretching and Flexibility!

Do you want to improve your flexibility the Shaolin way?

Our unique blend of Shaolin stretching will improve or start you on a flexibility routine to enhance your kung fu performance and perform high kicks. Increase flexibility and learn about the muscles and joints involved to increase the range of motion in the splits. Can already do the splits? Learn how to use your flexibility in your performance. This is extremely beneficial for the kungfu and Kickboxing members.

This course is suitable for all levels and ages- Beginner and advanced and will be customized to meet your needs.


May 8th to June 12th every Monday at 19:30-20:30

Cost for the 6 weeks course:

£65 for members - £80 for non-members

Bookings are open now!

There are 10 places available on a first-come first served basis.

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(February 2020)

Thank you all very much for your generous donations towards the help for Wuhan hospitals. We have raised a total of £506.00

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