3 Mar 2017

Master Shi Yan Peng - 34th Generation Desciple of Shaolin Temple China.

9 Feb 2017

Shi Yan Zhuang  is the 34th generation Shaolin Temple Worrior monk,

he is the head coach of the Shaolin Worriors. He has stayed at the Tmple for many years so far,

Master Shi Yan Zhuang  is very good at many traditional Shaolin forms including Qigong and Rou Quan.


6 Feb 2017

Shi Yan Qiong

34th generation master of the Shaolin Temple.

Master Shi Yan Qiong has stayed in the temple for many years serving the Abbot as well as researching Chan/Zen philosophy and traditional Kungfu forms.

To meet and learn Shaolin Kung-Fu from master Shi...